Tuesday, March 14, 2017

An Amazing Achievement

The USC Women's Track & Field Team, under the great leadership of Coach Caryl-Smith Gilbert, set the U.S. collegiate record in the 4 x 400 Meters Relay at the 2017 NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships at Texas A&M University.

A truly great feat and so proud of the Women of Troy! Fight On!

Friday, March 3, 2017

NCAA Basketball's "March Madness"

It is nearing that time of the year when all eyes will be focussed on the collegiate basketball.

Looking forward to the start of 2017 "March Madness".

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Character Can Overcome Adversity

Over the last eight (8) plus years, it has been a very long, tedious, grueling, often frustrating and winding road for the USC Trojans Football program.  So many ups and downs, including but not limited to, multiple changes in coaches; coaching staff; crippling NCAA sanctions; reduction in scholarships and; the list goes on and on. For a historic program, full of heritage and legend, USC Trojans Football brings great memories of Coach Howard Jones, Coach John McKay and the various players, people and personalities surrounding the prestigious and elite USC Athletics program.  In addition, the incredible and amazing memories of the most awesome games, close finishes, and breathtaking feats.  Today’s global media has an excellent digital footprint for the public record on all of the above and it can be readily accessed from anywhere and anytime on 24/7 basis.

USC Coach Clay Helton
Source: www.LarryBrownSports.com
Beyond the hype, glitz, glamour, fame and fortune, many times it’s not what we just see on the outside which is only a resultant, but, the inherent and intrinsic “unseen” which actually determines what we think, speak and ultimately do in our daily lives which makes all of Life so precious.  Whether it is just walking on the USC campus, Howard Jones practice field or Heritage Hall, the awe inspiring sights, sounds, environment, atmosphere…it’s the power of the USC Trojans that radiates.  One can witness firsthand by seeing it in the eyes, the words, the feelings, the emotions, the pursuit of both academic and athletic excellence with the realization of the full utilization and potential of one’s own inherent and innate natural talents, skillsets and core competencies…always doing your best and leaving the rest.

USC Quarterback Sam Darnold
Source: www.SportingNew.com
Just looking back at nearly the last one (1) decade, through the adversities, trials, tribulations, doubts, fears, and so on, USC Trojans Football is now back.  Even in late September 2016, there continued many doubts and words of despair.  What is it that made USC Trojans Football overcome and prevail? What is it that made them win every game while starting off with a three (3) loss record with losses to top-ranked Alabama, Stanford and Utah? It is just good coaching or just playing purely fundamentals of football?  These and many more questions which cannot be just answered from looking outward, but, inward.

USC All Purpose Offensive & Defensive Player Adoree Jackson
Source: www.FoxSports.com
It has been said over time immemorial, all that we see is nothing but a reflection, reaction and resound of our inner being – that which cannot be defined, not described, but, is in each and everyone one of us, regardless of whatever we are on the outside or walk of life or where we came from.  Further, on overcoming adversity, a former great USC coach once said, it is not always about falling down in Life, but, getting up each and every time and never looking back.

Yes, it is true that No. 9 ranked USC Trojans Football earned their way and will play in the 103rd Rose Bowl Game on January 2, 2017, “The Granddaddy of Them All” versus Big 10 Conference Champion No. 5 ranked Penn State which has also undergone its own journey of trials and tribulations. 
103rd Rose Bowl Game
Source: www.AmericaJR.us

Regardless of the outcome, it is not just about winning or loosing a college football bowl game which is an annual sports event.  There is something more, something that poets may write verses about, artists may paint about…the power of the human spirit to be inclusive, collective, collaborative, come together with total unity as one seamless cohesive group against all odds and to ultimately prevail.

USC Trojans Football, in its own way, is an example that end-of-the-day, “Character Can Overcome Adversity”. Fight On!