Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Overcoming Challenges of 3D’s vs. 3I’s

The global economy is undergoing major dynamic transformation. Depending on various insights, opinions and viewpoints between fundamental(s) versus technical(s), the key drivers continue to inherently be dependent upon the “3D’s vs. 3I’s” (Deflation-Demand-Debt vs. Inflation-Income Tax-Interest Rates).

Regardless of public sector versus private sector or; developed versus emerging economies or; brick & mortar versus digital or; otherwise, the fundamentals of the global commercial market scenario continues to prevail over central planning. This includes, but not limited to; supply-demand; unmet demand gap; elasticity of income levels and commodity prices; purchasing power of wholesale / retail customers; regulatory policy & framework; infrastructure; competition; alternative supply chain sources and; influencing factors (politics, bureaucracy, legislative etc.).

The “3D’s vs. 3I’s” as well as the supporting elements, as shown in adjacent figure, are essential in maintaining sustainable, stable, and sound economic health. This in turns directly affects wealth and various associated asset classes. Various stakeholders impacted, based on market segmentation and demographics, include Government, Corporate, Academia, Non-Profits, and Individuals.

Whether global currencies either cooperate and/or compete in various trade and policy scenarios in order to gain increased global market share, it is important for all of the various stakeholders to clearly understand and appreciate the critical underlying factors which influence “3D’s vs. 3I’s”. In addition, it is paramount to ascertain the various associated risks, viable mitigation strategies and plans as well as ensuring downside risk is well understood and most certainly taken into account.

On the positive side, there is a plausible and viable methodology and approach for addressing potential challenges and resulting adverse impact of “3D’s vs. 3I’s”. As shown in adjacent figure, subject to collective and inclusive emphasis of various stakeholders, unleashing the dynamic potential power of “STEAMIE” can critically unlock the vast amount of human capital and retransform the macroeconomic and microeconomic landscape. If done effectively, various positive benefits can be definitively achieved in terms of holistic solutions, social responsibility, sustainability and preserving society-at-large. In addition, “STEAMIE” can help in rebuilding individual wealth across various socioeconomic demographics including, but not limited to, lower income groups, middle class, and mass affluent market segments. This will help in a big way in restoring purchasing power (disposable income levels) of both wholesale and retail consumers.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Memories of an Amazing Person

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” – Leo Buscaglia

The month of March 2016 has just come to an end. Above and beyond all of the various newsworthy stories, highlights, events, and happenings world over, March was also the month the highly empowered and esteemed Elizabeth Garrett passed away.

Source: http://news.cornell.edu
From my various personal interactions on numerous occasions, Elizabeth Garrett, or “Beth” as she was popularly called, was a remarkable and multi-faceted person. She was also a very highly accomplished person, a truly great educator as well as the first female President of Cornell University.

My heartfelt and fond memories of Beth which I will always cherish is that she was an amazing person and a most awesome human being. Permanently etched in my mind are Beth’s gentle smile, kind and caring words, and most cheerful outlook on Life.

On multiple occasions in New York City, while she was the Provost at the University of Southern California (USC), I had the honor and privilege to meet and interact with Beth. It was so inspiring and motivating to just sit, listen, understand and appreciate each and every word she uttered. She was so full of effervescence and continually radiated positive energy.

Source: http://www.rbj.net
Her commitment to advanced Research, Design, and Development (RD&D) was truly inspiring. This was also applicable to her dedication in promoting Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, Mathematics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Moreover, her deep insights into practicing “holistic” lifestyle and wellness coupled with alternative methods such as Yoga, Tai Chi and similar were truly remarkable. She always expounded on the various benefits of positive health and fitness coupled with proper rest, diet, exercise, motivation and balance.

Looking back, Beth will truly be missed as precious memories of her are clearly impressed and embedded in the various pages of my mind.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good Match-Up

The 50th Super Bowl on February 7, 2016 will be a good match-up between Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

Source: www.abcactionnews.com

There are many viewpoints and opinions on which quarterback will prevail as well as which is better than the other.

Regardless, both Peyton Manning (39 year-old) and Cam Newton (26 year-old) are good quarterbacks in their own individual skillsets, core competencies, proven track-records and other tangible / intangible factors.

On a given day, it is said that each and every athlete has their good days and otherwise.

May the best quarterback "on-the-field" on February 7 win!