Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Great Day

It is really awesome to see the world-renowned, great sprinter, Usain Bolt, at a recent visit to the University of Southern California (USC) campus in Los Angeles.

The amazing pictures are so inspiring at Cromwell Field of Usain Bolt with current USC sprint star Andre De Grasse and football star Adoree' Jackson.

There is so much youth talent in track & field which draws continual vision, mission and purpose from great role models such as Usain Bolt.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Historical Day in Track & Field

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!" - Audrey Hepburn

Today, June 27, 2015, marks the 50th anniversary of an amazing and historical race which took place in global Track & Field.

On June 27, 1965, in San Diego, California U.S.A., Jim Ryun defeated Peter Snell in the one-mile race with a winning time of 3:55.3 (a new high school and U.S. open one-mile record which stood for nearly 36 years until 2001 when broken by Alan Webb who ran 3:53.43).

 It has been said... "Ryun’s thrilling upset of New Zealand’s Peter Snell, the Olympic 1,500- and 800-meter champion, arguably the greatest single achievement ever by an American high school athlete and a pivotal race in the career of a man many still believe is the greatest middle distance talent the world has ever seen.”

For more details, refer to full story in: Miler Jim Ryun's 50-year-old upset of Peter Snell still a magic moment in history

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Holistic Focus on Mitigating Athletic Injuries

Based on recent advances in Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Bioenergetics, as well as Biomedical Engineering, much knowledge, experience, maturity and wisdom has been gained in better understanding and appreciation of holistic focus on mitigating athletic injuries. As shown below, as each and every athlete is an “individual” and there are “absolutely no shortcuts to success”, there must be both simultaneous and independent importance given to each of the critical elements in order to reduce risks and mitigate athletic injuries. 

As part of Advanced Training, during the last two (2) decades, based on the extensive work done by world-renowned experts such as; Coach Vern Gambetta, Coach Gary Winckler and Dr. Peter G Weyand, increased importance must be given to:

·         Developing and building strength of various joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and various soft tissues.
·         Effectively mitigate acute / chronic fatigue (Metabollic, Neuro-Muscular, Central Nervous System).
·         Incorporating plyometrics, resistance / weights, cross-training (bike / swim), dynamic / static stretching, skills / drills etc. as part of fitness, pre-season / season training and pre-competition.
·         Optimize Stride Frequency, Amplitude and Length in order to maximize positive forward Momentum and Linear Velocity, since;

Linear Velocity  =  Stride (Frequency + Amplitude)  x  Stride Length

·         Depending on specific competitive event and each individual athlete; maximum emphasis on commensurate Force (F) development, production, application wherein;

F reaction   is   Minimized
F impact  is   Optimal
F impulse   is   Maximized

Based on the above, a holistic focus can be developed over a period of time, subject to iterative analysis, to address vital problems / issues in reducing risks and mitigating athletic injuries. This may include, but not limited to, following:

·         Identifying the nature of injury
·         Understanding the source of injury
·         Developing course of corrective action for injury (may avoid / prevent surgery; last resort)
·         Assessing impact and resources (time, energy, effort, costs etc.) required for corrective action
·         Implementing corrective action for injury
·         Next steps and path to full-competition

Finally, focus on prevention rather than just cure may help, in big way, reduce risks and mitigate athletic injuries.

The purpose of any and all mentoring, focusing on holistic wellness, health, sports, fitness, nutrition, yoga, ayurveda and related is to promote healthy lifestyles and balance between Spirit-Mind-Body. This includes any and all associated proven processes, methods, techniques, therapies which may also include educational purposes with the goal of creating awareness and disseminating information. All information on the Website in no way precludes the mandatory need for seeking definitive prior advice, diagnosis and/or treatment from a qualified medical physician and/or specialist related to Spirit-Mind-Body fitness and/or training program(s). Prior to starting any Spirit-Mind-Body fitness and/or training program(s), it is mandatory to get a thorough examination by a qualified medical physician and/or specialist. In addition, a medical physician and/or specialist’s approval must be obtained prior to undertaking any Spirit-Mind-Body fitness and/or training program and as well as continual examination(s) by a medical physician and/or specialist during the entire duration and course of undertaking any Spirit-Mind-Body fitness and/or training program(s).