Saturday, December 8, 2012

Balance Between Holistic Wellness & Wealth

As global convergence occurs everywhere, there is a critical need to empower the value chain. This starts by empowering individual(s) which are an essential part and building blocks of society-at-large. It is important to understand and appreciate that there must be a sound and sustainable balance between holistic wellness and wealth. This in turn leads to positive and productive outcomes which enable the goal of improved quality of life for the individual(s), deeply rooted based on personal responsibility, as well as the community of humankind. In striking a balance, there must be focus on both simultaneous and independent emphasis and efforts on continual and evolving value chain consisting of; Unity of Spirit-Mind-Body; Positive Health & Lifestyle and; Wealth.

Source: Pat V. Sonti, Mentor & Author
A final ingredient to any viable balance between holistic wellness and wealth is the essential commitment and empathy towards serving others through charity and related contributions in terms of donations and endowments to worthwhile causes. End-of-the-day, based on the timeless law of cause and effect, it is all about giving back and paying forward since what goes around comes around multiple times.

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