Sunday, December 9, 2012

Strategic Role of New Media

As global convergence increases pace in coming years, there is a direct impact on the “brick & mortar” industries and market segments and the “digital age” which has taken deep roots in the last two (2) decades. Especially in the last decade, social media or “new media” has evolved and is now a mainstay in all spectra of society. There is an inherent increase in added value by leveraging new media as part of any enterprise.

It should be noted that the conventional commercial market fundamentals, business cycle and fundamentals coupled with business-revenue models continue to still prevail and play an important role as rapid transformation and integration is taking place both simultaneously and independently.

Regardless of government, corporate, academia as well as other private sector and public sector entities, there is a critical need to address the strategic role of new media in all going forward plans.

Source: Pat V. Sonti, Mentor & Author
The vision, mission and purpose of incorporating new media include, but not limited to, the following:
·       Creating the proper awareness to investors, stakeholders, industry, clients/customers and community-at-large.
·       Disseminating the right information in a timely manner to investors, stakeholders, industry, clients/customers and community at-large.
·       Increasing credibility and confidence with investors, stakeholders, industry, clients/customers and community-at-large.
·       Drive “inbound” marketing and leverage new media to increase cyber-traffic and presence.
·       “New Media Services”; originate, produce “rich” content and deliver timely supplemental revenue(s) and waterfall cashflow(s) to boost top-line revenues, gross margins, EBITDA margins, net profit margins and dividends to shareholders.

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