Thursday, December 20, 2012

Self-Empowerment of Today’s Youth & Women Entrepreneurs

As part of any successful going forward scenario, whether it is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs or otherwise, it is important to understand and appreciate the critical role of self-empowerment of today’s youth and women entrepreneurs. Youth and women represent the greatest potential of any demographics and are likely to be the driving force of any sound and sustainable business, commerce, industry economy, policy, investment and trade.

Regardless of the industry, sector or market segment, it is important to develop a definitive methodology and approach for identifying and harnessing potential talent while enabling successful development of various skillset(s). In addition, instilling a sense of self-empowerment based on roles, duties, responsibilities, and on-the-job training. It is equally important for mentoring today’s youth and women, via self-empowerment, by providing the means to develop a vision, mission and purpose which translates into business, professional and personal “going forward plan” based on both qualitative and quantitative metrics and measurement.

There is considerable latent talent among today’s youth and women which must be effectively channeled, in the coming “new age” of technologies, which requires definitive next steps in setting-up startup and early stage companies, incubation of technologies, undergoing pre-operative phase prior to realizing and achieving initial and early revenues. As global convergence occurs in all economies and markets worldwide, the past business-revenue models of “dotcoms” etc. will not likely work as there must be refocus on time-tested value chains, commercial market fundamentals and business fundamentals (balance sheet, P&L, and cashflow) resulting in viable new business-revenue models.

In summary, as sovereign debts and deficits continue to unravel while the unintended consequence and effects of deleveraging, deflation and inflation take strong-hold, there must be a top-down and bottom-up commitment to focus on the positive aspects and positive outcomes. A major renewal and renaissance is taking grasp everywhere and those who undertake the decisive next steps can spearhead the unfolding new ventures, technologies, innovation and inventions which can create new wealth. “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”.

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